Butch, I usually leave a disclaimer at the end of some of the articles I’ve written on commitment and marriage that abuse, infidelity, etc are not meant to be included for the sake of “just stick it out for love’s sake” mentality. There are good reasons to split and break up with someone (I wrote about that very topic not too long ago). However, in Western societies view of marriage it’s based more on the toxic ideals of consumerism that have infected everything and how we now treat relationships now. When relationships are viewed as such, they become damning. Look at just how many people jump from one dating app to the next only to complain about how they’re going to be “FOREVER ALONE.” With this new mindset, of course it’s going to create dysfunctional marriages and become more contractual than covenantal. I was simply trying to point out that in order to break the cycle, you have to change your mindset… which, if we’re honest, is going to be hard given that everything seems to be against that at the moment. Thanks for your engaging thoughts and reading!

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