Brian, I agree there are a lot of solid men and women denouncing the alt-Evangelical Machine we see rising up. However, the money continues to talk and influence those that denounce nationalism and political idolatry. While the SBC denounced the alt-right it threw the damn convention into chaos and took an embarrassingly long time to condemn (I link to that in my piece). Should have been a no brainer. Russell Moore was perhaps the most outspoken, but do remember he was forced to go on some kind of weird apology tour after the election in order to keep his job. After the election and the flak he received he said he was sorry if his criticisms had been too broad. Far too much backtracking if you ask me when other powerful men weighed in. This is the problem with the christian industrial complex and far too many are influenced by the love of money (Which is an investigative piece Medium asked me to write regarding churches, pastors, and tax evasion/money laundering/absurd spending. It’s not looking good…). Thanks for your thoughts. Hoping and praying more take a stand against the political idolatry we see.

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