And I appreciate you reading and sharing your thoughts. They are good reflections and within the bounds of thoughtful civil discourse. I think that’s one of the things I love and hate here at Medium. Sometimes you see pieces where the dialogue in the comments is thought provoking though people disagree. It’s civil and reminds me of how I imagine a great philosopher in antiquity would argue his points in the forum. But then sometimes people just lose their minds and want to yell and scream at an author and point out flaws (perceived mostly, sometimes real..rarely though).

I think we forget that regardless of politics, personal belief, or faith tradition, in the end, we believe we’re the protagonist in the story. What makes villains so compelling in the our stories is they truly believe they’re doing the right thing and often operating out of a skewed world view or past pain. In order for us to practice empathy, and really hear where someone is coming from, we have to suspend our beliefs and that’s hard. It’s hard for me to do in the comments, but I do often and can understand where and what they mean. Doesn’t mean I agree, but it’s a lesson I think many in our society could choose to learn to begin bridging gaps.

Thanks for your thoughts and response.

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