Alright Dani, I’ll bite. Given that I’m one of the more well-known Christian writers on Medium, people were curious as to my thoughts on this pub. First, I think there’s an inherent danger in labeling this publication a “progressive” Christian publication. One of the things that has made evangelical fundamentalists so dangerous is their exclusion of others because of beliefs on secondary biblical issues. Progressive Christians are quickly falling into that trap hook, line, and sinker by slapping a label on their brand of Christianity, that effectively does the same thing. It’s a message that states, we have the correct views and moves us once again into a Us vs Them mentality. Instead, the reality of Christianity is that it should never fit into a box and is always progressive (though the way people use that term is more tribalism than moving forward to advance the Kingdom). For instance, historical Christian positions on social issues do not fit into contemporary political alignments though we make them appear this way. We invent a brand of Christianity instead of exploring the nuances and disagreements in a humble and loving manner. In my own views, I believe that our faith clearly lays out Christians should be committed to racial justice and the poor, but also that sex is for marriage (and best enjoyed there) while porn is helping destroy that. One of my views would be considered progressive, while many would consider the other view to be oppressively conservative.

That said, I believe you would serve the Christian community and others curious about our faith on Medium best by trying less to push an agenda and letting writers who don’t fall on either side share their range of beliefs that may not fit into a progressive ideology per say. And since you asked, here are topics I think would be fitting for a “progressive” agenda that Christians—and those outside of our faith—would find enlightening and helpful:

  • How has consumerism/materialism warped or altered Christian’s belief about helping the poor, marginalized, and oppressed?
  • Why are so many Christians depressed when they’re promised “full life?” Does their faith not work?
  • With so many brands and flavors of Christianity, what are the core components someone has to believe to technically call themself a Christian?
  • How do faith and doubt intertwine?
  • Does science help affirm our faith or disprove it?

Stuff like that would be engaging from all perspectives. I wish you the best in your journey on this publication and hope it does well to build bridges as opposed to burning them. We need vibrant, humble Christians to impact this world for good and love others so that—despite what they believe—they’ll see us known by our love.

Storyteller | Combat wounded veteran | Metalhead | Designer | Bleeding on a page just makes it more authentic:

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